In the general silence perhaps of habit, another ETR 450 is leaving us.

According to what we have learned, in the late morning of today the ETR 450 n.15 started its last journey from Reggio Calabria Centrale to Bari.

This is obviously a route that we had correctly anticipated and which will see Bari Lamasinata as a term with subsequent forwarding to the BB where the volumetric reduction will take place. The pulling was once again entrusted to an E.402B with the train as always limited to 50 km/h due to the coupling with the rigid bar.

As always, we take the opportunity to update the sad list once again. When tomorrow morning the train arrives at its destination, the trains ETR 450 formally or physically demolished will be 6 out of 15 and precisely, in order of time, the ETR 450 n.05, n.07, n.13, n.01, 11 and 15.

Consequently, the 8 trains left for dismantling are divided between Alessandria (2) and Reggio Calabria (6). The ETR 450 n.03 remains destined to become a historical train run by Fondazione FS Italiane.

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