Nine years after the first attempt, returns the idea to circulate a Frecciarossa between Milano and Malpensa Airport.

The proposal dates back a few months ago, when it was declared "possible" during the presentation of the new timetable, but today it seems a little closer.

This is because just this morning an ETR 400 - Frecciarossa 1000, number 01, carried out a test run between Milano Centrale and Malpensa Terminal 2 in view of a possible connection as already happens for Roma Fiumicino Airport.

As mentioned, the idea is not new even if the previous attempt was not encouraging since for little use the service was canceled a few months after the start.

Today, however, the conditions are decidedly more favorable. In 2010 Malpensa made 19 million passengers, in 2011 fell to 18.5, while in 2017 it exceeded 22 million to reach 24 million in 2018.

Then there is another aspect, which could weigh on the idea of FS to bring the Frecciarossa to Malpensa: between summer and autumn this year Linate Airport is closed for three months and a particular peak of air traffic is expected, which could increase the demand for new railway connections.

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