The Fyra destined to become ETR 700 and enter into service for Trenitalia, come back to be seen.

On January 16, a convoy of those which have been in Prato for some time, still in its original livery, was sent to Piacenza, probably to SITAV, to receive the changes that make it equal to those that have been doing test runs for months along the peninsula.

The train, for lovers of numbers, is the 4808 that turns out to be just one of those stopped in Prato together with 4801, 4802, 4803, 4804, 4805, 4807, 4809, 4811 and 4812.

The convoy was driven by the E.652.157 in the Mercitalia Rail livery.

The opportunity of this transfer is useful to note how for some weeks the silence on these convoys has fallen again.

They were assumed to enter in service first with the change of time in December and then in January, while still seem to stand still.

The latest unofficial news that we have collected, still talk about a few weeks before finally seeing them run on the tracks of our country.

All the photos of the transfer are available by clicking here.

Photo by Matteo Burroni

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