Last melancholic journey for another E.402A, today.

In fact, at lunchtime, convoy was sent from Roma Termini to Foligno, which had in its composition the E.402A.044, one of the last still in service to be converted into single-cabin. The locomotive, as seen from the photo of Lorenzo Pallotta, traveled towed with the traction entrusted to E.402B.127 in the Intercity Giorno livery.

The final destination, i.e. the OMC of Foligno, was reached in the late afternoon and in the workshop the locomotive will find other twin units in more or less advanced processing status.

If our calculations are correct, there should be in the OMC the E.402A.010, entered last month, .017, .018, .020 and .045.

Considering 23 units already converted and at least 6 stops in the workshop, the number of E.402A still in regular service would be a maximum of 11 units.

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