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More test runs in Italy for "Giruno" EC250, the new electric train of the Swiss railways SBB CFF FFS produced by Stadler.

Yesterday, under a pouring rain, the train departed from Firenze Osmannoro and came towed by an E.402B to Orte.
On the same day, it would have to start some test runs along the Linea Lenta, postponed to the next day due to the delayed arrival.

This morning, however, around 10.30, the convoy began regular tests in the interruption regime, or in the absence of other trains on the line, between Orte and Poggio Mirteto.

The outward journey with the train in autonomy then departed from Orte precisely at 10.30 with arrival at Poggio Mirteto about 45 minutes later with the return journey carried out practically immediately, after obviously reversing the bench. The traveling Giruno is the RABe 501 004 with the cross-border livery, with the green of the Italian flag added to the colors of the Swiss flag.

There is unfortunately to note an unpleasant inconvenience, or the smear occurred in recent weeks, of one of the cars by the usual idiots.
More scheduled test runs in the coming days, with dates and details still to be defined.

This is the first time that this new convoy has gone so far in our country.
We recall that in October 2018 Giruno had crossed the border through the Alps, arriving in Firenze Osmannoro via Milano Lambrate, Bologna San Ruffillo and Firenze Castello.
In Tuscany, the new train had carried out the tests necessary for the homologation on the RFI network, preparatory to the entry into service expected in the coming months, probably on the axis that links Lombardia and Switzerland to replace the ETR 610.

Revealed in May 2017 in Bussnang and previously at Innotrans 2016, the 11 car electric train can reach a maximum speed of 250 km/h and has a length of 202 meters.

In total, two convoys can be coupled, with a length of over 400 meters that allow over 800 passengers to be held. Characterized by the ability to travel under three voltages (3 kV, 25 kV and 15 kV), the EC250 has pantographs of 1,450 and 1,900 mm. The 8 traction engines are able to develop a maximum output of 4,720 kW.

Internally it is characterized by rows of 3 seats in first class and 4 in second class and there is a space for bicycles and suitcases. In addition, there are the usual plugs at place, Wi-Fi connection, separate men / women bathrooms and the "silent areas".

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