With a week of delay, compared to what was scheduled and anticipated by us, the ETR 700 has finally made its pre-service between Milano and Lecce.

The tests should have been held between 22 and 28 February, but have been postponed to today.

The 4810 convoy in the Frecciargento livery left Milano Centrale station this morning promptly at 5.30am, arriving in Surbo just before 5pm after traveling between Milano and Bologna on the HS line, getting off at Rimini and continuing towards Lecce via Adriatica.

If the rumors we have collected will be confirmed, the return journey should take place tomorrow, departing from Surbo at 5.30 but this time the destination should not be Milano but Venezia.

Therefore, it seems now certain that these trains, whose second complete sample is ready in Hitachi Rail in Pistoia, are going to travel on the Milano - Lecce - Venice, in the Frecciargento segment to replace the Frecciabianca ones.

The opportunity was obviously taken by many photographers to resume the convoy that so far had never gone so far south in our country.

In the first video by Stefano Balanica as in the opening photo, there is the train traveling to the station of Barletta. The second, however, by Davide Lippolis a little further south, in the countryside of Polignano.

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