We anticipated it a few days ago and then transfer took place regularly.

The ETR 450 No. 04 left Alessandria in the past few days towards Bari to be demolished at the BB in Lamasinata.

The train made three stops, as planned, before arriving in Puglia, driven by an E.402B.126 in the former Frecciabianca livery.

This time, we have to say it, the transfer is particularly painful to tell. The convoy is obviously stripped, with the side in part scratched and the hatch of the pipes open.


But what makes the most impression is the lack of lights, with the holes where once there were the front lights that gave life to the convoy.

Maybe we are excessively "romantic" but we remembered a very old Fiat Ferroviaria press brochure showing an ETR 450 under construction, still bare and with a whole career ahead.

It seems like a lifetime has passed, yet it was just over 30 years ago.

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