Unexpected event this morning in Arezzo. As reported in a timely manner by the website Qui News Casentino.

A train Frecciarossa of Trenitalia (probably the 9500 Arezzo - Milano Centrale) sheared in the early morning a wire of the catenary. To suffer the worst consequence was the train of Casentino of the company Trasporto Ferroviario Toscano which, because of the incident, could no longer go into the station. 400 high school students from the valley were stranded in Giovi. There were difficulties and delays related to the failure until 8.45 when the traffic of trains was restored but only after 10pm, everything was able to return to normal.

“Due to a fault in the power supply in a segment of the station of Arezzo, caused by a train Frecciarossa of Trenitalia, the circulation has suffered considerable hardship in terms of punctuality. - Explains the note of Trasporto Ferroviario Toscano - Regarding TFT despite the causes are not dependent on it, given the impossibility to reach the terminus station of Arezzo, it has arranged a stop at the exit 1 of Arezzo for all the trains coming from the Casentino to allow all the users to reach the city”.

The curious backstory was “provided” just by TFT since, as evidenced by the images of Qui News Casentino, the few meters required to move the ETR 500 n.51 of Trenitalia - protagonist of the incident - were covered with the aid of the elderly D.341.1063, however, former Ferrovie dello Stato.

We thank for the cooperation Qui News Casentino


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