The announcement of the Minister Delrio: the station of Afragola opened in 2017

The TAV (high-speed) station of Afragola will open on June 1, 2017. This is the date notified by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation Graziano Delrio during the visit to the construction site on which work is underway.

TAV of Afragola will be a great work, which will make shorter connection times with the South and will be the first rail/road interchange of the line Roma-Napoli-Salerno and with the high-capacity rail axis Napoli-Benevento-Bari, through the variation of Napoli - Cancello.

The station will also host regional rail services and Circumvesuviana; moreover, being an intermediate stop on the line Roma - Napoli - Salerno, it will also serve the hinterland areas of Napoli, Caserta and Nola, vast and very inhabited.

The station renovation works had started in 2003, then stopped and definitively resumed only in 2015. The Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, disappeared in April 2016, designed the structure. Thanks to her ideas and skills, the station of Afragola will be "the most beautiful in Italy".

In Hadid's projects, the station will be a bridge structure that crosses and connects the rails of the high speed. The main building will be 350 meters long and will serve as a pedestrian tunnel to get to the tracks. Upstairs there will be a commercial area and the whole structure will be the main part of the natural and technological park that will surround it.

Escalators and ramps will lead travelers to the central atrium and then to the tracks. All this will have a sinuous shape that will bring to mind the image of a moving train, formulated anew in the interior. Large windows that allow you to admire the landscape are provided in the passenger room.

Trenitalia: purchasable the trains of winter timetable

Trenitalia communicates that almost half of the long-distance trains that will circulate with the next timetable, effective from December 11, were included in the consultation and sale systems.

To date, it is said in a statement, you can book 41% of trains that will make up the next entire offer, and 41% of the supply of Frecce. In particular can already be bought tickets for more than 180 long-distance trains, including more than 70 Frecciarossa, 25 Frecciargento, 20 Frecciabianca and the whole offer EuroCity Italy – Switzerland.

In Italy the first couchette NightJet of Austrian Railways ÖBB

It has been spotted today for the first time in Italy one of the couchette of Austrian Railways ÖBB in the new NightJet livery, which is the new brand for night trains.

The wagon, 61 81 59-90 022-3 Bcmz, arrived in the morning in the composition of the EuroNight 235 from Monaco/ Vienna to Rome and left with the corresponding EuroNight 234.

Austrian Railways should render the entire night park set up with this elegant livery.


The new line Turin-Lyon and the TEN-T network

TELT - Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin, public promoter of the realization of the cross-border section of the future freight and passenger railway line between Turin and Lyon, made a video to tell the function of the work in the European scenario of the TEN-T network and of its future links with the Asian Continent.

The TEN-T transport network is intended as the new metropolitan of Europe, to facilitate the circulation of people and goods on an ecological means: the train. The goal is to reduce the use of road haulage, which increases pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

In this network, the new rail link Turin-Lyon is located at the intersection of two major axes of communication between North and South and between East and West Europe. It is the central link in the "Mediterranean Corridor", serving 18% of the EU's population, in regions which represent about 17% of the European GDP. The work will contribute to the necessary change in transport habits, especially in a particularly delicate area like the Alpine region.

Insights on

A second life for some ALe 801?

Now it is just a rumor or so but it seems that ALe 801/940, recently withdrown from service by Trenitalia because of their obsolescence, are intended to be back on tracks.

Not on the RFI network, however, as it seems to be a manifestation of interest by TFT - Trasporto Ferroviario Toscano, which would be interested in renting some complex to remedy the shortage of Minuetto trains that soon should be sent to Savigliano for maintenance.

If this rumor materializes, we will see in the coming weeks.

Ready the new Newag Impuls for Ferrovie del Sud Est

The first Impuls 36Web-001 of Newag for Ferrovie del Sud Est was spotted yesterday in Gliwice in Poland, not far from the manufacturing factory.

The first 5 trains should arrive in a few weeks at a total cost of 20.2 million Euros.

It is not excluded that the order will be perfected with 10 more units, which will be add to these in service on the Bari-Taranto and on the Mungivacca-Putignano lines.

This was reported by the Photo Gallery

ÖBB, Bombardier awarded the supply of 300 EMUs

With a press release of 21 September, the Austrian railways ÖBB reported that they entrusted the supply of up to 300 EMUs to Bombardier Transportation (Canada), which was considered better than the other bidders, Stadler Rail (Switzerland) and Siemens (Monaco of Bavaria), former ÖBB provider.

Bombardier offered in the contract also its latest generation Talent 3 trains; 150 100m-long and 150 75m-long trains.  

The agreement includes an initial order of 100 million Euros value for 21 100m-long trains for the S-Bahn services in the western province of Vorarlberg, with deliveries scheduled for April 2019. A public service obligation contract for the operation of these services has recently been assigned to ÖBB by the provincial government.

Another contract of this type is currently being negotiated for the Tyrol, and the Talent 3 EMU could be used for these services.

ÖBB will release further details of the agreement with Bombardier within 10 days if there are no appeals against the outcome of the race.

The Austrian railways ÖBB reveal the NightJet

This will be the new brand used by Austrian railways ÖBB for night trains, which therefore is add to the already known Railjet and CityJet.

The first sleeping coach was presented a few days ago and provides a livery that is based on midnight blue background with stars and two white strips and red to remind the Austrian flag.

This was reported, accurately, on the Facebook page ÖBB Trainspotter.

Perhaps a livery that we will see on our tracks, as the Austrian railways have taken over many international night trains in our country.

New liveries on RFI rails?

Alstom introduced today at Innotrans in Berlin the new generation of Coradia Meridian for Trenitalia, which will take service in 2019.

Very Interesting the image behind the presentation, which portrays the Coradia in a new and striking livery with the FS logo.

Will it be a new color scheme to sail our tracks by 2019?

Fondazione FS Italiane: Sunday, October 2 “Porte Aperte al Museo di Pietrarsa”

On the anniversary of 177 years of the Napoli-Portici, Sunday, October 2 “Porte Aperte al Museo di Pietrarsa”, that is a special opening of this museum.

Provided many initiatives and the usual appointment with "Pietrarsa Express" with the mythical "Centoporte". For the occasion, the cost of admission to the museum is only 2 Euro.

For more information on the event and on all the other planned events, please visit the website of Fondazione FS:

The demolition of E.491/E.492 in Foligno

It was made today the first of four consignments of the unfortunate locomotives of Groups E.491 and E.492, set aside for years in Foligno in San Giuseppe di Cairo.

The units, which were transferred today by an E.652, are E.491.012, 013, 016 and E.492.006. In the Ligurian plant, these machines will be demolished. Next consignment will be within 31 December and two cars have already been put up for transfer.

This is the end of a project started in the 80's but virtually never been born, with locomotives that have gone directly from construction to demolition factory.

New livery for E.474 CFI

It is online the E.474.102 - former Railone and purchased by CFI - with the new colors of Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana.

The locomotive in fact, has taken the same gray color scheme with tricolor logo already in use on Taurus and Vectron of the same company.

Video a cura di Filippo Cicconetti

Sweden: reduced the speed of trains due to obsolescence

The Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Authority, has been forced, for safety reasons, to lower the maximum speed of its trains because of the obsolescence of its rail network.

"As soon as we notice the erosion points, we are forced to reduce speed," said Bengt Olsson, a spokesperson for the authority, "with the intensification of traffic, wear and tear also intensify."

The announcement follows a recommendation of last June, inviting to lower to 130 kilometers per hour instead of 200 planned, the speed on the route between Stockholm to Gothenburg, the two biggest cities in the country.

"That means 10 to 20 minutes of additional time for the trip, which currently takes 3 hours and 20 minutes," said Malin Hultgren, spokesperson for train operator SJ.

Large distances and low temperatures make the 12,000 km of the Swedish rail network, more vulnerable and subject to wear than normal. The Swedish government has allocated more than 400 million Euros to renovate the infrastructure and restore normal maximum running speed by 2018.

Foto: Statens Järnvägar (SJ) treinstel van de serie X2 (X2000) op 26 juli 2007 te Strömstad foto Jan Oosterhuis CC BY-SA 3.0

Farewell to E.491/E.492 in Foligno?

Should be transferred on 14 September from Foligno to San Giuseppe di Cairo the E.491/E.492 still set aside near the Umbrian station.

The convoy should start early in the morning to arrive after about 24 hours in the Ligurian station where the machines will be demolished.

More information in the coming days.

Trenitalia: strike Sunday, September 11, 2016

From 09.01 to 17.00 hours of Sunday, September 11, 2016 it has been called a strike of the staff of Trenitalia S.p.A. Direzioni Regionali Lunga Percorrenza in Toscana, Emilia Romagna and Liguria Regions.

For long-distance trains there are changes to the circulation as reported in Trenitalia’s web site:

Frecce will circulate regularly.

There were no changes to the circulation of regional transport trains.

The trade union action may result in further changes to the service even before its start and after its conclusion.


“Trenino Verde”, Sardinia Region: “Within a year travels on a safety circuit”

Starting from 2017, the route of the “Trenino Verde” will be entirely made safe and feasible, as announced by the President of the Transport Committee, Antonio Solinas, during the hearing of the Committee “Salviamo il Trenino Verde della Sardegna”.

Given the controversy of these months on the stop of racings from Laconi owing to the age of the bridges that will need a makeover, Solinas assured concrete actions in certain times, and announced a joint meeting, within the month of September, with Arst and departments Transport, Tourism and Culture, to develop the main lines of a draft for the revival of “Trenino Verde”.

Solinas also pointed out that the Region of Sardinia has already budget 15 million Euro in the 2016 Stability Law for the three years from 2016 to 2018, useful for a medium and long-term planning that places the “Trenino Verde” and the local areas (the 40 municipalities affected by track, plus another 60 of the neighboring areas) to the regional tourism supply center.

The Coordinator of the Committee Ignazio Pisu, pointed out that the “Trenino Verde” is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Sardinia and its exploitation, as well historical, environmental and cultural, is a winning way to ensure the development of territories and produce wealth.

Spain, derailed a passenger train: dead and wounded

Severe train accident in Spain. There are at least four victims, including the Portuguese driver, and a still unknown number of wounded following the derailment of a passenger train occurred this morning around 9:30 in Galicia, in the northwest of the country. The train left the rails and collided with a bridge near the station of O Porriño, in Pontevedra province. The railway connections between Vigo and the Portuguese town of Valenca do Miño are interrupted.

The train of Oporto-Vigo line, belonging to the Portuguese railways Comboios Portugal, carrying 60 passengers, was released by rail for reasons still unclear, according to the Spanish railway company Adif, which opened an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. Several police patrols and emergency services rushed to the scene to evacuate the wounded, some of which are already be taken by helicopter to medical facilities in the area.

Railways: Sncf-Alstom are studying a new Tgv

French Railways (Sncf) and Alstom have launched a partnership to create a new generation of high-speed trains Tgv. It is reported in a statement of the French manufacturer, which affirms that the partnership will focus on design and produce the new Tgv, which will come on the market in 2022. The partnership will lead to the definition of a new technology, commercial and industrial strategy for the 'high speed. The goal is to make a change in terms of competitiveness - the note says - with the main aim to reduce by 20% the operating and investment costs, optimize the environmental impact (at least 25% energy savings) and provide passengers with an improvement in comfort and on-board services, an increase of 20% capacity. The project will generate 4,000 new jobs in the French railway sector.

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