Ferrovia Circumetnea: delivered the fourth “Vulcano”

It was delivered in these days the fourthVulcano” train to Ferrovia Circumetnea.

The convoy DMU 004 is already in service and with its modern features goes to further improve the service on the line, joining the other three trains gradually put into operation since last May.

With these new trains, it will be possible shorter trips, and with greater comfort; each train is able to accommodate more than 100 passengers comfortably seated, with a maximum capacity of 190 passengers.

The trains are built by the Polish company Newag, have a track gauge of 950 mm, and can reach a top speed of 100 km/h. In their exercise, they will support to very old railcars, some of which have been recently refurbished.

Is the coloring of the new Alstom Coradia for Trenitalia definite?

It has been shown today the rendering of the new Alstom Coradia Meridian trains ordered by Trenitalia in 150 models.

The first thing that strikes the eye is the livery which, after the various options proposed, should be similar to the ones of Jazz, Swing and Rock trains.

Here the preview of the sketch presented to the press.

E.464.238, a locomotive with a special… livery

It happens sometimes that in workshops and depots it is necessary to replace some piece of a locomotive but not always there is the full availability of what you need, or at least not in the exact color. It is probably the case of what happened in some Milanese plant, which has in charge the E.464.238. When replacing the front shell, the machine with Trenitalia’s livery received a Trenord’s livery.

The most evident element, in addition to the different shades of green of the two schemes, is the presence of two different logos, one of Trenord under the third lighthouse and one of Trenitalia below the side window of the Personale di Macchina.

With this livery, unprecedented for us, we can certainly count the E.464.238 between the "unusual" locomotives that travel on the tracks of the peninsula.


Photo by Alessandro Ferraro

RTC: the one of EU43s is a livery destined to disappear

Among the many liveries that are disappearing from our railway outline, one is doing it on the sly, in a less obvious than others are. This is the beautiful color scheme of the EU43s of RTC - Rail Traction Company that these locomotives have had since the beginning of their service.

Initially built for Polish Railways PKP, these 8 locomotives have traveled almost exclusively at the Brennero with their garish light blue and petroleum green livery on a white base that is now gradually being replaced by the "zebra" one.

Today, with the successful delivery of .004 the situation is as follows: .003 and .008 black and blue bands, .004, .005 and .006 black and red bands.

Still remain in the original livery .001 and .002 while .007, which had the special livery with the red frontal, is currently stopped because of the accident happened in Fortezza on  February 7, 2015.

Mercitalia Rail: is the E.652.052 with new logos ready?

It should be the E.652.052 the first car of Mercitalia Rail to receive the new company logos. The locomotive would be released in a few days from the Officine di Verona.

The company logo remains the one of Ferrovie dello Stato but below it, instead of the incription E.652, it would appear the brand Mercitalia Rail. This brand would also be repeated on the side under the window of the Personale di Macchina replacing even in size the current one of Trenitalia. No further change of livery would be provided at least at this stage.

We propose you an artistic impressions based on the received indiscretions.

Trenord: slight change of livery for the first class

It has been running since a few days a slightly modified livery of Trenord for carriages type MDVC.

The base is always the same, but on the upper part of the side appeared a yellow band that precisely identifies the first class. Probably the novelty was introduced to allow easier identification immediately. Also yellow are the numbers to identify the class.

Photo by Alessandro Ferraro

Railways: Will the Frecciarossa 1000 train go abroad from 2020?

Speaker at the presentation of the new "Rock" train of Hitachi Rail in Pistoia, Renato Mazzoncini, CEO of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane talked about future relations with Hitachi.

The collaboration with the Japanese company "will surely grow also abroad because we have to think about 2020 with the liberalization of the railway area", when "surely we will see our Frecciarossa trains whiz in other countries." "In our country there is already competition - added Mazzoncini - we have pushed hard while others railways pushed to brake."

Mazzoncini refers to liberalization of the European railway area on the national high-speed train which will start precisely in 2020, and which will anticipate of three years the liberalization of public service for which we will have to wait until 2023.

Trains affected by this project would obviously be ETR 400 - Frecciarossa 1000, top of the range of Trenitalia. Thanks to their interoperability, these trains are in fact theoretically able to run on the networks of France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium.

Mazzoncini’s statement could make people understood that Trenitalia wants to exercise the option to purchase other 10 convoys in order to bring the total number of trains to 60.


The E.401.013 of Trenitalia moved to North Tyrrhenian

After completing the test cycle between Orte and Terni, the E.401.013 of Trenitalia, previously E.402A.013 converted to single cab, was transferred this morning from Orte to Pisa.

The transfer was carried out by the E.402B.136, that had already taken care of the moving from Foligno and that had helped during the test runs on the Umbria border.

In composition also 8 cars that have been sent from Milano specifically for these tests.

The E.401.013 will perform in the coming days other tests along the North Tyrrhenian line.

Trenitalia Rock: Let’s find out the regional train of the future

Presented today in Pistoia, the new Rock of Trenitalia is produced by Hitachi Rail.

The framework agreement signed between the two companies provides for the possibility of supplying up to 300 trains for a total amount of approximately 2.6 billion Euros.

The fleet is part of the new supply of 450 new trains for regional transport, the total value of 4 billion Euros.

Consisting of five carriages, long 136 meters and wide 2.8, the new Rock train will have a total capacity of 656 passengers (the top of the sector) and 4 motor bogies that will allow it to reach a speed of 160 km/h, with a higher acceleration of 1 m / sec2.

Characterized by speakers in light alloy, by traction motors distributed along the entire train and plenty of space available to passengers, will allow unique performance on the market in terms of passenger weight, carrying capacity per unit length, consumption per passenger kilometer ( -30% compared to newer vehicles operating in Italy). It will also ensure internal fittings and diversified equipment to meet the various needs expressed by clients Regions.

Whit its entirely made in Italy look, the new train is a generational leap over the existing dual plane rail vehicles in service in Italy, thanks to the technological innovation of its components, the optimization and placement of components of traction on the "imperial" (the upper part of the case), in order to make its interior spaces fully usable by passengers, who will get the maximum comfort thanks to the ergonomic chairs in faux leather.

Trenitalia and Hitachi Rail: The future of regional transport is Rock

No more Caravaggio but Rock. Following the musical tradition started with Vivalto, this is the name of the new train that Trenitalia and Hitachi Rail unveiled today Jan. 20 in Pistoia headquarters.

The convoy also has a new livery different from the one used until now in the rendering, with the two lines along the case in the yellow and blue typical of the regional trains by Trenitalia.

Yellow is the color adopted for the entrance doors and the logos of the corporate company stand out both on the frontal and on the side, close to the front truck.

We recall that Hitachi Rail has commissioned an order for 300 Rock trains that will form the backbone of the Italian regional transport for the coming years.

Photos by Andrea Corsini and Francesco Storai

The interior of the new Intercity Day Trenitalia


Together with the new sleeping cars and couchettes, Trenitalia has unveiled today in Roma Termini even new cars for its Intercity Day.

There were in the roman station both the first class carriages, recognizable by their rows of three seats, and second-class carriages with rows of four seats.

At the end of the train, there is also the driving coach UIC-Z of second class. In the video below, you can see the interiors of all the presented coaches.

Trenitalia: Preview presentation of the New Intercity

During the presentation of the new Intercity contract of service, Trenitalia has today unveiled in Roma Termini one of the trains with the new color scheme already seen in the past days.

The new Contract 2017-2026 for mid-long distance rail connections with public obligations service (Intercity Day and Night) has important new features in terms of investment, qualification of the offer, improvement of the rolling stock used.

The contents of the contact of service defined by the Government and Trenitalia (Italian FS Group) will be presented shortly at the press conference attended by Graziano Delrio, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport and Barbara Morgante CEO of Trenitalia.

Waiting for the conference here is a preview of the convoy.

Trenitalia: started the test runs for E.401.013

It was transferred this morning from Foligno to Orte the E.401.013, single cab exemplary derived from the E.402A.013s. The unit left the Umbrian station mid-morning to arrive to Viterbo a few hours later. The trailer was edited by an E.402B.136 and in composition  there was also a coach to increase the braked weight.

In Orte, the composition was changed and it was physically realized the convoy that in the coming days will make test runs between Orte and Terni in the night. It provides the E.401.013, 8 coaches (one of the original composition plus 7 arrived yesterday from Milan) and precisely the E.402B.

The train would then always move for testing along the north Tyrrhenian line.

Trenitalia: ETR 400 - Frecciarossa 1000, the point of deliveries

Almost two years after the official launch, the delivery of ETR 400 - Frecciarossa 1000 to Trenitalia is nearly completed.

Of the 50 trains ordered from AnsaldoBreda (now Hitachi Rail Italy), 44 have already been handed, the last of which just before the end of 2016. Of these, 41 are in regular service and travel every day, whereas other 3 trains are used in different situations.

The train number 3 is about to receive technical updates that should anticipate a shift in the ranks of RFI while, trains number 4 and 13, are carrying out test runs coupled to verify a possible use of these trains in this way.

The delivery of the remaining units should take place by 2017. After this, it will be necessary to see if the contract will be extended to other trains.

Fyra V250: the situation

In the past days, they talked a lot about the possibility for Trenitalia to buy 19 Fyra V250 that had not been not taken over by the Dutch and Belgian Railways.

It is well known that some test runs were made, as it is well known the will of Finmeccanica, formally the owner of the trains, to transfer them to the best buyer.

The rolling stock is currently located in the hub of Prato where there are 16 units, one - dismembered after the testing we said before - is at the SITAV, and two others are in the same condition at the Hitachi in Pistoia.

It should be said that so far there is no official confirmation  about the will of Trenitalia, but it is certain that the convoys could have their utility in the rolling stock of the national operator, maybe going to replace the generations older Pendolino.

The value of each Fyra might be estimated at 7 million euros and it would be necessary to use immediately two convoys for spare parts in order to provide for any unexpected needs. Then it would be necessary to think about how to solve the same problem in a more effective and durable way given that this rolling stock will have no descendants. In order to improve the functionality the idea would be to close the frontal making the trains more elegant and aerodynamic at the same time.

Leggi tutto...

Trenitalia buys the British railway company c2c

Trenitalia has reached an agreement in principle for the acquisition of the British railway company c2c, owned by National Express, for a total amount of approximately 70 million pounds.

The completion of the acquisition is subject to the final approval from the Department of Transportation and is expected to occur within the next three or four weeks.

The acquisition is the first step of Trenitalia for its expansion in the railway market of the United Kingdom in the passenger sector, in line with the plan of internationalization of Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato.

According to the agreements, Trenitalia will retain the existing management of c2c as well as the staff and undertake to make investments aimed at improving the service offered by c2c.

Barbara Morgante, managing director of Trenitalia, said: "We see significant opportunities of investment in the UK and this agreement in principle with National Express promotes our ambitions. This is why we are extremely happy to have this exciting opportunity to participate to the improvement of rail service in the UK and serve the people of East London and South Essex. We will work with customers and local authorities to deliver improvements that will be tangible and important. At the moment, we’re watching other situations because we intend to strengthen our presence in the UK. "

c2c operates the services between Fenchurch Street and Shoeburyness and serves 26 stations in East London and South Essex. The company has always delivered the best performance of the UK rail industry, holding the national record for the yearly punctuality (97.5%) and for punctuality 4 times a week (98.8%) for a rail operator franchise. c2c was named best London commuters operator in the survey of the rail companies magazine companies "Which?".

The rolling stock of c2c consists of 74 electromotive Group 357 Electrostar and 6 electromotive Class 387/3 Electrostar.

Photo HMIAN Licence CC BY-SA 4.0

Railways: Trenitalia, is it ready the first 483 of Mercitalia Rail?

According to unconfirmed sources, it would be the one that we show you as an artistic impression the livery that Mercitalia Rail - the freight railway company of Trenitalia – would give to its 483.

Red colour would be predominant at least on the front and on the beginning of the sides while under the third lighthouse it would be present precisely the logo of Mercitalia Rail logo with the logo of Ferrovie dello Stato.

The first loco would be the 483 314 from Akiem that should receive 7, up to 320.

We reiterate that the photo is an artistic impression, and that we will know more in the coming days.

Trenitalia: On delivery the driving coach UIC-Z in its final livery

It arrived in Rome today the driving coach UIC-Z 105 coming from Savigliano’s factory from where it left yesterday evening to be presented on December 23 with the entire convoy.

The coach is in the final white and red livery and, on one side, includes the same paint scheme seen on the E.402B.143. Unlike other day coaches, seen some time ago, the strip of the windows is wrapped by a dark gray line ending at the last one.

The motivation should be that these coaches could be used both with day trains and with the night ones. A further confirmation may be given by the fact that the logo is present only of a generic intercity service.

Trenitalia, definitive liveries and logos for Intercity and Intercity Night

A few days after the presentation of the definitive liveries, the new liveries and new logos begin to be shown on Trenitalia's leaflets.

As planned, colours go from white with red stripe for Intercity to blue with red stripe for Intercity Night.

Also characteristic are the two logos, the word with the sun for the day train and, of course, the moon for the night ones.

The theme common to all the locomotives is the red band, which is present on all vehicles.

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