Railways: Ready the E.402B.143 in the IC Sun livery

It was transferred today from Foligno to Rome the E.402B.143 painted in which almost certainly is the new IC Sun livery.

The unit left the station of Foligno at lunchtime to reach the Capital in the early afternoon.

Unaccredited sources claim that the two liveries chosen for the new brands are white with red stripe for the IC Sun and blue with red stripe for the IC Night.

The presentation of the new services and the new liveries should be made around the second fortnight of January.

Railways: Trenitalia gives the final goodbye to E.491/E.492

By today’s sending from Foligno to San Giuseppe di Cairo of E.491.007, E.491.014 and E.492.003 definitively ends the short-lived career of Groups E.491 and E.492.

All the 25 machines were in fact sent to the demolition between Bari and precisely San Giuseppe di Cairo, with the exception of E.491.011 preserved by Fondazione FS Italiane.

Today's submission was made by E.652.007.

Damaged by the flood the railroad Ceva - Ormea

Reopened only a few weeks ago for tourist purposes, the railroad Ceva - Ormea seems to have no peace.

Heavy rains of recent days have in fact heavily damaged the tracks that in some parts were literally swallowed by the river Tanaro that has abundantly overflown.

The hope is that we can soon ensure the reopening of the line and its safety, even if the times and ways are yet to be decided.

Photo by L'Unione Monregalese - http://www.unionemonregalese.it

Railways: more test runs for the Railjet in Tarvisio

Seeing the activation of new Railjet services even in Italy, the Austrian railways ÖBB are going on to test the Railjet in the station of Tarvisio Boscoverde with a composition that varies with the locomotive once Italian side and once Austria side.

These tests are probably aimed at finding the best configuration to let the train travel in our country and make the change of power as less problems as possible.
The Railjet service on the routes currently covered by ordinary coaches should start with the next timetable change.

Photos by di Lorenzo Mazzitelli

Railways: a locomotive of the unlucky Group E.491/E.492 will be saved

Fondazione FS Italiane decided that it will be saved an E.491/E.492 part of the unlucky group of locomotives that was supposed to operate on the Sardinian network.

A unit, saved from the blowtorch, unlike the other 24 machines, will be precisely taken over by Fondazione FS in memory of the failed experiment carried out by Ferrovie Italiane on a completely new feeding system.

Railways: for sale locomotives E 640 Trenord

After TPER void auction sale, even Trenord try to sell the locomotives E 640 form part of its fleet.
The 8 units, classified E 640 01÷08 are part of the lot arrived in Italy in the early 2000 and previously belonged to the Slovenian Railways which circulated with the classification 342.
Used for both passenger and freight trains, often in double traction, they are now for sale with a purchase process that expires on January 31, 2017.

Railways: TPER, deserted the auction for the sale of 6 locomotives E 640

With a statement  recently arrived, TPER has said that the auction for the sale of 6 electric locomotives Group E 640, second-hand purchased from Slovenian Railways where they are registered as 342, was declared deserted.

The only bid received was rejected because it was deemed incongruous. Within 30 days from this communication, it will be possible to appeal to the Regional Administrative Court of Emilia Romagna against the awarding procedure.

Remain so unsold the Slovenian cars that once were also purchased by Ferrovie Nord Milano and matriculated with the same marking.

We thank for its collaboration the site www.photorail.com

"Ferrovia dei Templi", a foreign tour operator commissions a 30-race program on ALn 668.1600

An unusual way to visit one of the most important tourist districts of Sicily attracts the attention of some foreign operators.

Fondazione FS communicates that a German tour operator has commissioned a package of historic train routes on the "Ferrovia dei Templi", which departs from Agrigento and reach Porto Empedocle directly leading to the heart of the Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trips will be carried on board of ALn 668.1600 in its original livery in the months of October and November 2016 and February, March and April 2017. There will be 30 races and more than 3,000 tourists, with an average of 100 participants at each event.

Once again, the historic train is an ideal way to visit the Valley of the Temples, thanks to the strategic stop Tempio di Vulcano, adjacent to the entrance of the Park and Garden of Kolymbethra, transforming the means and the time of transport in a nice experience within the same trip.

In addition to this, just in order to offer a service to customers and to promote the tourist routes on historical rail vehicles, Fondazione FS opened its own Presidio Turistico inside the Station of Agrigento Centrale, the first of the entire network.

The "Ferrovia dei Templi" is one of the routes included in the project "Binari senza tempo" with which Fondazione FS has given a new life to lines that are no longer used for local public transport service, thanks to railway tourism, most notably the "Transiberiana d'Italia" that connects Sulmona to Carpinone in the heart of Abruzzo region.

Earthquake in Central Italy: collapses the station of Norcia of the former railway to Spoleto

As far as railways, one of the emblematic images of the earthquake that struck yesterday the Italian Center is certainly the station of Norcia of the former railway linking this country with Spoleto.

Only a heap of rubble remains of the beautiful Fabbricato Viaggiatori, given that this building could not stand the 6.5-magnitude quake of the Richter scale yesterday at 7.40.

Photos by La Spoleto Norcia in MTB - https://www.facebook.com/LaSpoletonorciaInmtb

Earthquake in Central Italy: FS predispose a train for displaced people

It has arrived this morning from Reggio Calabria to Foligno the second train made available by Trenitalia for immediate shelter and logistical support to people left homeless. The convoy consists of seven couchette cars UIC-X type, can provide 420 beds and, will be constantly supplied, so that people can always have light and heating.

The initiative has been launched by the Italian Corporate Protection of FS Group, which is already present in the stations affected by the earthquake, according to the operations room of the National Civil Protection.

In the past recent days, five couchette cars were sent to the station of Fabriano to make available 300 beds for people displaced by the earthquakes of recent weeks.

In the video the convoy during its transfer from the provincial capital of Calabria to the Umbrian station.

Even the second driving coach UIC-Z arrives

Even the second driving coach UIC-Z - second delivery after the first that reached Vienna in recent days - has left the Alstom in Savigliano today.

This time it is the 50 83 80-98 102-9 npB and, unlike the previous one, is white and has Trenitalia’s logos in addition to the frontal red mustache.

There are also the pictograms on the sides. The photos were taken in Torino Lingotto during the transfer to Milano Centrale.

Photos by Bruno Aimar

The first driving coach UIC-Z of new supply arrives

The first driving coach UIC-Z of newly supply marked 50 83 80-98 103-7 went out from Alstom in Savigliano last night.

The coach reached Tarvisio in the morning from where it left towards Vienna - not far from Velim - where there is the first E.401 (E.402A single cab), with which it will be coupled in the future.

If its aesthetics is similar to the driving coach UIC-Z of the first supply, the interiors are different, as it can be seen from the unified bench for the single agent.

Photo by Lorenzo Mazzitelli

On delivery to Trenord the TSR R6 091 already covered with graffito

The new TSR R6 091 delivered by local workshops and intended to the deposit of Novate, was today transferred from Caserta to Prato.

The train left Caserta in the morning to arrive in Tuscany region in the early afternoon from which in the next hours it will move towards Milan.

The train did not even travel a small distance without being already vandalized; the first carriage was smeared by the usual idiots near its frontal.

Farewell to BR 103 of DB

Perhaps not everyone knows that, despite their withdrawn several years ago, BR 103 of German Railways DB still carry out many regular trains.

Unfortunately, - it is a news of these days - starting from next timetable, even these locos are destined to cease because of lack of spare parts to be used in case of failures and especially because of their inability to be used with driving coaches.

Anyone wishing to photograph them for the last time can still find them (barring accidents) on these trains:

IC2095 Stuttgart Hbf – München Hbf 04:59 – 07:31
IC2094 München Hbf – Ulm Hbf 17:11 – 18:35

Tusday - Friday
IC2095 Ulm Hbf – München Hbf 06:09 – 07:31
IC2094 München Hbf – Ulm Hbf 17:11 – 18:35

IC2090 München Hbf – Stuttgart Hbf 21:51 – 00:11

Free interrail: EU Railways (CER) welcomes the proposal

The proposal under discussion in the European Parliament to give a free interrail pass to European neo 18years gathers support among rail operators. "CER and its members welcome this initiative," said in a statement the Executive Director of the Community of European companies and rail operators (CER), Libor Lochman.

"For decades hundreds of thousands young Europeans have discovered Europe thanks to the interrail tickets, exploring its cultural diversity and its heritage - continues Lochman - European railways have always played an important role, which is perhaps even growing, in bring people together across borders and then bring Europe closer ".

”There should be a broad political consensus for the launch of a support program for young Europeans using the interrail as a tool to strengthen the European identity for the younger generation," concludes the executive director of the association that brings together more than 70 railway companies, national associations and managers of infrastructure.

New intermodal train between Trieste and Cologne for Kombiverkehr

The German intermodal operator Kombiverkehr announced that October 10, 2016 will initiate a link to connect the harbor of Trieste with Cologne, with an intermediate call in Ludwigshafen.

The initial frequency of the service will be two trips a week in both directions, with a yield of A-B. The trains will depart from Trieste on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from Cologne on Mondays and Thursdays and from Ludwigshafen on Tuesdays and Fridays. In a note, Kombiverkehr explains "the new train service will enable domestic and international shipments between the stations of Cologne Eifeltor and Ludwigshafen Basf. The service will also serve as a feeder for the trains to Austria, Spain and Italy".

Official: Val Venosta railway to SAD and Trenitalia

The railway line of Val Venosta, once the electrification work is completed, will be entrusted to SAD and Trenitalia. Governor Arno Kompatscher has confirmed that this is the orientation of the council. The Governor announced that the decision involves a number of economic advantages, given that without the intervention of the national company, two more trains to run between Val Venosta and Brenner should have been bought.

On criticism made yesterday by the South Tyrolean Company, according to which the region would give up a payback whereas the registered office of Trenitalia is not in South Tyrol, Kompatscher cut short by claiming that: "this is a nonsense". "Transfers from Roma to Bolzano - he explained - are in fact calculated on the whole GDP and not on the invoices of the individual companies."

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