Important news about locomotives E.401, the "single" version of E.402A.

Yesterday tested the twenty-fourth unit, the E.401.012 which then goes to join the other twenty-three already in service that are E.401.006, .007, .009, .013, .014, .015, .016, .019, .021, .022, .023, .024, .025, .026, .027, .029, .031, .032, .035, .037, .039, .040 e .042.

Therefore, if our calculations are correct, there should be locomotives E.402A.010, .017, .018, .020 and .045 in the OMC of Foligno, as well as the .044, which took service a few days ago (Railways: even less E.402A in regular service).

The increase in machine availability, meanwhile, also involves the Intercity Giorno shifts.

Just yesterday, in fact, another convoy was assigned to these machines, or at least had baptism with them.

We are talking about the Intercity 705 from Roma Termini to Taranto via Benevento, which had the E.401.040 as its locomotive.

Photos and videos of Gabri656, show us this train right in the Benevento station.

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